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Also, carry your medical history with you. You may want to wear [a] Medical ID bracelet or necklace with your personal health information. This provides emergency personnel with your medical information. Buy travel insurance Courtneyk/iStockphoto/Getty Images It is a good idea to purchase travel insurance, said Lenau. Even though you will be careful, you can still catch a bug or get injured. In the event that this happens, the financial burden is covered. This will give you peace of mind before and during your vacation. Hold on to your electronics Anna Bizon/Gallo Images/Getty Images Always avoid handling your mobile device, electronics and even personal belongings when a train is about to depart, said Clint Bertucci, tour guide and founder of Travr. It is common practice for thieves to snatch mobile devices and other items immediately before the train takes off, then step off the train leaving that door close behind them and you without your belongings and a departing train. Sleep carefully lolostock/iStockphoto/Getty Images When relaxing on a train or even when there’s any possibility of taking a nap it’s a good idea to put your arm through the handle of your bag or luggage or make sure you’re in contact with it so if it moves you can feel it, said Bertucci. Take pictures Yiu Yu Hoi/Digital Vision/Getty Images Not of just the scenery, but of your important documents. Take a picture of your driver’s license and/or passport with your phone just before you leave home, said Christine Hardenberger of Modern Travel Pros. If you lose your identification, having a picture at hand can help you get a replacement or, in some cases, can even be used as a substitute.Be sure to do this just before you leaveeach time; this way, the photo is toward the top.The last thing you need to be doing when you lose your ID is scrolling through 10,000 photographs trying to find your copy. Research vgajic/E+/Getty Images See if there is any information online you should be aware of posted from previous travelers, said Greg Antonelle, managing director of MickeyTravels, LLC. “For international travelers, make sure you know the correct emergency number for the country you are visiting, so you could dial quickly if you need immediate assistance.While we are all aware of 911 in the U.S., the number to dial for emergencies in foreign countries varies. Leave copies behind zhudifeng/iStockphoto/Getty Images Make three color copies of your Passport: Leave one at home with someone who can easily access it if needed, put a copy in your cabin/room safe and have your traveling partner carry a copy of yours and you carry a copy of theirs, said Sara Perkins, Dream Vacations Franchise Owner in Abingdon, Md.

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